How does a windscreen chip repair work?

The windscreen repair procedure starts with cleaning the chip of any glass fragmentation; this gives a clean area that the resin can adhere to.

windscreen chip repair

Once the area is clean, we remove any trapped air from the windscreen chip using a vacuum type device. A liquid acrylic resin is then injected into the damaged glass.

The resin is then cured using an ultra violet lamp, this can take a few minutes. After this procedure the resin dries to a substance stronger than the glass itself, this restores the strength to the damaged glass

Can my windscreen be repaired?

windscreen be repair

The following size of windscreen chip damage can be repaired in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practise BS AU 242a:1998

Zone A Damage up to 10mm | Zone C Damage up to 25mm

Zone B Damage up to 15mm | Zone D Damage up to 40mm

Windscreen damage

Please attend to any windscreen damage as quickly as possible, as damage may impair your view of the road. In many cases, if a chip is smaller than the size of a pound coin our approved technician can perform a specialist repair rather than completely replacing the glass. But if left untreated, moisture, frost and dirt can cause the damage to worsen beyond repair.

Chips or cracks in the windscreen directly in front of the driver, in the area swept by the wiper blades, are considered dangerous if they are more than 10mm in diameter. In the rest of the windscreen wiper swept area, up to 40mm damage is acceptable

Best for the environment

The sooner you call, the more chance there is that our technician will be able to repair your windscreen. And by repairing a fault rather than replacing the windscreen you are also doing your bit for the environment as it helps to reduce the amount of glass sent for reprocessing, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

Call us on 07843 627448 if you have a problem with chipped and cracked windscreens in Yorkshire and surrounding areas - we can come out to repair it before it turns into a major disaster!